How to Burn Stomach Fat? – 13 Simple Steps

Want to know how to burn stomach fat? Well read on then…

According to the World Health Organization, obesity is the abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that could potentially compromise your health. Since 1975, worldwide obesity has tripled with 1.9 billion adults considered as overweight. Out of this number, 650 million falls under the “Obese” category, which means the BMI or body mass index is greater than 30.

Americans are not exempted. Based on the survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, 70.2 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese – and it’s not a laughing matter. In fact, this phenomenon could lead to various medical concerns like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and musculoskeletal disorders.

The good news is you can change this and be able to get out of the Obesity pool. In fact, you can start by burning your stomach fat.

Here are tried-and-tested, backed up by Science ways to burn stomach fat:

1. Avoid Trans Fat

There are two kinds of fat: good fat and bad fat. Good fat is something you can get from healthy, natural sources like coconut, avocado, and olives among others. On the other hand, there are bad sources that you need to avoid because they contribute to stomach fat. This is called trans fat.

Trans fat is created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats. When taken, it could lead to inflammation, insulin resistance, and heart disease.  A 2007 study also showed that following a high trans fat diet leads to more abdominal fat compared to eating foods rich in monounsaturated fat.

Therefore, skip trans fat. It comes in the form of soybean oil, margarine, microwave popcorn, fast foods, and packaged spreads and food.

Speaking of healthy fat, make sure you consider the next tip to burn stomach fat.

2. Go for Coconut Oil

When it comes to healthy fats, coconut oil could take the top spot. This is because coconut oil contains medium chain fats that help boost one’s metabolism. At the same time, this component decreases the amount of fat your body restores every time you eat. This could lead to loss of abdominal fat.

The best part is there is a study that could prove that. A 2011 study showed that obese men who took coconut oil every day for 12 weeks lost an average of 1.1 inches from their waists.

Still, don’t get too excited. Oils are still fats and too much of this could be detrimental to your health. If you want to make the most out of coconut oil, limit your intake to two tablespoons daily. This is enough to help you on how to burn stomach fat.

3. Skip the Carbs, Specifically Refined Carbs

Do you like to eat white rice or white bread? Unfortunately, white rice, white bread, and white pasta among others belong in the family called “refined carbs,” which could be the culprit for the growing abdominal fat.

According to a study published in Nutrition & Metabolism, reducing carb intake to 50 grams per day could lead to belly fat loss.

Does this mean you should get rid of carbs? Not necessarily.

The key here is finding the right kind of carbs. Instead of refined carbs, go for whole grains since a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that those who consume whole grains were 17 percent less likely to have excess abdominal fat.

4. Consider Weight Loss Pills

Some people want the easier way out when it comes to burning stomach fat. When it comes to an easy way out, weight loss pills could help.

Still, you need to be careful. There are weight loss pills made of questionable and unproven ingredients. If you want to give it a try, then make sure your preferred pill comes with any of the following ingredients:

These ingredients are proven to burn fat and lose weight without compromising your health.

5. Say Goodbye to Sugar

There’s something about sugar that makes it hard for everyone to resist. Apparently, you need to make sacrifices because sugar contains fructose, a substance that could lead to chronic medical conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, especially when taken in excess.

That’s not all. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that high consumption of sugar could lead to an increase in your abdominal fat.

If you insist on having sugar in your diet, then you need to make sure that you choose the right kind. Stevia, Xylitol, Yacon syrup, and unsweetened honey are excellent alternatives for your usual sugar.

6. Include Cardio in Your Daily Routine

All of the tricks you will learn in this article are effective in helping you burn stomach fat. Still, you need to do something to ensure that you will get beneficial and maximum results.

This is where cardio exercises come in. Despite the availability of weight loss pills and diets that promise you to lose x amount of pounds in a few weeks, cardio is still among the most effective ways to burn fat.

According to a study, postmenopausal women participants lost more fat when they do 300 minutes of aerobic exercises every week compared to those who did 150 minutes.

The bottom line is choosing a routine that works best for you. It could be running, biking, swimming, or spending time on the treadmill. Activities like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving a car on short distances, and doing household chores are considered as aerobic exercises so take advantage of that.

7. Strength Training is Helpful, Too

Cardio cannot exist on its own. To make it more effective in burning fat, it is best to combine it with strength training.

A study involving overweight teens was conducted to see the effects of strength training. Based on the experiment, a combination of strength training and cardio exercises resulted to decrease in visceral fat.

Will it lead to big muscles? Not necessarily. Lifting weights are important to preserve muscle mass and help you get it back. You will need muscle mass especially when your body starts to burn stomach fat.

The key is to lift weights within your comfortable range. Increase the frequency or reps to see noticeable results.

8. Vitamins

Vitamins are also important in ensuring that you burn stomach fat. The question now is what.

For starters, B vitamins must be part of your list. A 2005 study showed that people who took vitamin B supplements experienced less weight gain compared to those who do not take this.

Apart from vitamin B, vitamin C is also crucial in helping you burn stomach fat, especially when combined with exercise.

Vitamin D is also important when it comes to fat burning. According to a 2013 study published in Nutrition Journal, taking vitamin D while on a low-calorie diet enhances weight loss.

9. Fiber is Your New Best Friend

Soluble fiber, in particular.

Soluble fiber has the ability to absorb water and form into a gel. As a result, your digestive system will slow down the breakdown of food as it passes by, thereby keeping you fuller longer.

How exactly can fiber help you burn stomach fat?

According to the Journal of Nutrition, increasing your intake of fiber could decrease the digestibility of protein and fat. This means you feel full and naturally make you eat less. This could also decrease your body’s ability to absorb calories from food. A 2012 study also showed that an increase in intake of soluble fiber could lead to a decrease in belly fat by 3.7 percent.

Therefore, ensure that you have avocados, beans, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, seeds, and fruits in your pantry. These are all excellent sources of soluble fiber.

10. Stock Up on Protein

When it comes to burning stomach fat, protein should always be part of the list.

Contrary to popular belief, eating a high-protein diet is effective in ensuring that you have smaller abdominal fat. This is because protein boosts the release of peptide YY or PYY, a type of hormone that decreases your appetite to promote the feeling of fullness. Consequently, eating protein helps you retain muscle mass even when you lost weight.

Still, choose the right kind of protein. Go for lean meat, fish, eggs, and beans to help you effectively burn stomach fat.

11. Choose Your Drinks Wisely

If you are serious about losing weight and burning stomach fat, then you need to get rid of alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages. A study revealed that those who drink beverages high in fructose significantly gained abdominal fat. Alcohol consumption also contributes to increased risk of central obesity or excess storage around your waist area.

Therefore, skip the sweetened fruit juices, soda, and alcohol. Go for healthier alternatives like water. Based on a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, water has a weight-reducing effect in your body, thereby helping you lose weight. Plus, water has zero fat and zero calories, making it your new best friend.

If you find water bland, you can add lemon or lime slices for an added twist.

12. Get Sufficient Amount of Sleep

Are you getting at least seven hours of sleep every night? If not, then did you know that lack of sleep makes you gain more weight, which also means an increase in belly fat?

According to a study, those who sleep less than five hours every night were significantly more likely to gain weight compared to those who get seven hours of shuteye. This is because when you don’t get enough sleep, your body becomes:

  • Less sensitive to insulin
  • Poorly tolerates glucose
  • Encourages hunger hormone while suppressing satiety hormone

Therefore, aim for at least seven hours of sleep. Your body will reward you after.

13. Tame Stress

Admit it. Every time you are in a stressful situation, you tend to grab something to help you feel better, even if it means food high in fat and calories. This is because when you are under stress, your adrenal glands are triggered to produce more cortisol or stress hormone.

Based on a 2009 study, high cortisol levels means an increase in appetite, which could eventually lead to abdominal fat storage.

There are many ways you can manage stress. Meditation, Yoga, taking a break even for a few minutes, or simply getting a breather could offer relief against stress.

Now that you know various ways to burn fat, are you ready to get rid of it? You know you are.